I’m Alex! It’s short for Alexandria, but that name’s dumb. So I just tell everyone to call me Alex. Actually, if you want to call me “the Annihilator”, that’s okay too!
— Alex
Alex, aka Alexandria, aka the Annihilator is the first ghost to appear in the B&B. She first appears trying to scare Corinne by dressing up as a sheet ghost. She loves playing games and challenges Corinne to hide-and-seek multiple times.


Appearance Edit

Alex has green hair and orange eyes. She has a noticeable gap between her front two teeth. She wears a dirty baseball jersey, cutoff shorts, and a baseball cap. She has some light scuffs on her face from playing outdoors.

Personality Edit

Alex is fun-loving and energetic. She seems to be loving her new life as a ghost, and is enthusiastic about making friends with everyone in the B&B. She seems to take rejection hard.

Relationships Edit

  • Corinne Cross - Alex thinks the world of Corinne, and appreciates it greatly when Corinne plays with or talks to her. She thinks of her as a cool big sister. 
  • Shoes - Alex likes watching TV with Shoes, even though he's a remote hog. She helps him with Breakfeast by taking care of the decorations.
  • Zara - Alex is excited about being friends with Zara, and thinks she's very cool because of the way she dresses. She envies the stripe she dyed in her hair.
  • Gale Styron - Alex has a high opinion of Gale and thinks he's very nice. She gives him advice in their NewGame+ bonus scene. 


  • She likes reading as well as sports/outdoors activities.
  • Her favorite breakfast food is scrambled eggs.
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