Seriously? Who knew ghosts were so bossy?
— Corinne
Corinne Cross is the protagonist and playable character of Corinne Cross's Dead & Breakfast. She is a recent college graduate who returns to her hometown, agrees to look after a (haunted) bed & breakfast, and learns that she's a medium.


Appearance Edit

Corinne is a young woman in her early 20's. She has green eyes and wears her curly purple hair in a ponytail. She dresses very casually in a white shirt, green cardigan, and jeans.

Personality Edit

Corinne has a good-natured personality and tends to be open-minded about new things. She values intellectualism and the arts. She can be sarcastic, but has a compassionate heart.

A sufferer of insomnia, she's constantly struggling to get a good night's rest.

Relationships Edit

  • Hermina Lumen - Corinne meets Hermina upon arriving at the Styron Family Bed & Breakfast. Corinne is interested by her weird personality and mysterious aura. She comes to think of Hermina as a friend and mentor.
  • Gale Styron - Corinne and Gale were friends in high school, but lost touch after Corinne moved away for college. Corinne comments to Dimitri that she can't remember when she and Gale first met. Hearing that he died came as a surprise to her. She finds his nerdiness highly endearing.
  • Alex - Corinne treats Alex like a little sister and humors her by playing games with her.
  • Shoes - Corinne doesn't appreciate Shoes bossing her around and complaining about her cooking. They eventually forge a friendship over the preparations for Breakfeast.
  • Zara - Corinne finds Zara abrasive, and is annoyed by Zara constantly calling her a granny. Still, she feels sympathy for her situation and tries to help her out.
  • Julia Styron - Despite Julia being her mother's friend, Corinne meets her for the first time during the events of the game. She struggles to talk to her, finding the tragic situation uncomfortable to talk about. She feels sympathy for her and tries to comfort her the best she can.
  • Chloe - Chloe finds Corinne humorous and enjoys chatting with her. She can encourage her to make her passion for knitting more than just a hobby.
  • Dimitri - Corinne can choose to lie or be honest with Dimitri about where Julia and Gale are. If she chooses to like, she'll later apologize and explain she didn't know how to break the bad news.
  • Nicole Cross - Corinne loves her mother, but finds dealing with her exasperating. She doesn't appreciate the pressure she puts on her to finish writing her book and become a big success.


  • She wrote articles for her high school's newspaper.
  • She graduated with a B.A. in English hoping to become an author.
  • At the beginning of the game, she's very bad at cooking. When she lived at home, her father cooked. At college, she ate dorm food.
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